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The 2010 Hailstorm | Carports and Sheds for Epping

It was an odd trend which dominated the budget car market for a short while: a large number of cars were being resold at a massive discount, hailing primarily from the Perth area. These cars were recognisable by their bodywork, for each of them was decorated with nearly innumerable dimples, as though they had been parked at the end of a driving range.

In fact, it was the elements which were responsible for this wrecking job, and it serves as an example of the value of a carport or shed both for Epping, and around the country. In March of 2010, a massive thunderstorm swept across WA, with particular intensity in Perth. The intense updrafts of this storm swept rain drops up to an altitude where they turned to ice, which were then themselves swept up through several successive updrafts, adding more and more raindrops each time. By the time they were released from the grasp of the cell, these hailstones were the size of golf balls.

The impact was immediate. Any car without cover was an immediate target, with its bodywork unable to withstand the impact of these heavy hailstones. So many insurance claims were made in the succeeding weeks that many firms simply wrote off the cars – which were then sold, for a lark, around the country. In total, the storm was the costliest in the history of Western Australia, causing over a billion dollars in damage.

The solution, of course, is to ensure that no hailstone ever has a direct path from altitude to your coveted ride. At Northern Sheds, our carports and sheds, built for Epping and all of Australia, allow you to protect your car from the elements, whatever they may be. They are inexpensive, stylish, and provide a wealth of uses.

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