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Preserving Your Indoor Space: Carports for more than just Cars

It is one of the most universal truths in home ownership: the longer that you exist somewhere, the more you begin to accumulate more and more ‘stuff’. Whether it’s from long-defunct hobbies, halfway broken tools or gear that you couldn’t quite bear to throw on the trash heap, or the result of a large and growing family, it all needs a place to be stored.

But indoor space is limited. Indoor spaces in your home are needed more as living space than as storage space, a reality that becomes more acute with a growing family. Besides, storage spaces look messy. Better to find a spot to keep everything together, out of indoor sight.

At Northern Sheds, one of our specialities are our carports, but they extend far beyond this singular usage. They can be brought to bear as storage space for almost anything, providing a convenient, clean, and dry area in which to store your gear.

As an extension of your living area, a carport can shelter your car, your boat, trailers, agricultural equipment, lawn mowers…the only limiting factor is that of your imagination. Suddenly, your beloved – and in all odds, highly-priced – indoor space has grown in size considerably. A larger lounge is the result. A longer, wider dining table. The ability to entertain more of your best mates, to host a gathering, a Christmas meal, a birthday party.

Contact us at Northern Sheds to learn more about how a carport in Epping and Cobourg can free up some indoors space.