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Spring is Upon Us: Carports for Epping and Cobourg

It was a winter season that dragged on for us here in southern Victoria. The mercury stayed low well in to the beginning of spring, and evenings were far better suited to winter garb than summer skin. At last, over the past week, this has begun to change.

But with the change of season comes the awareness that the sunshine of the summer months is just around the corner. The spring doesn’t last long in this part of the world, and in only a few short weeks, we will be experiencing the full blast of the heat and the sun. It is one of the appeals to life here – but it is also extremely tough on both us, and on our possessions.

Automotive finishes are created to withstand this onslaught of UV rays. They are created to nullify and dissipate the heat and radiation, but they can only do so much. That is why on older cars, and particularly those that have been sat out in the sun for a long period of time, you will notice fading, flaking, and a loss of shine.

Simply put, placing your beloved car in the shade is the ideal method of preserving its finish. A carport on your Cobourg or Thomastown driveway ensures that you are not allowing your car to age prematurely through the course of this summer – a reality that can easily affect its resale value, when it comes time to trade in.

As an added bonus, a carport isn’t only for the protection of your car. It can easily be put to use as a sunshade for sweaty people on the warmest days, or other articles in your home that deserve some protection.

At Northern Sheds, we sell protection and the preservation of value, with carports for Thomastown and Cobourg. Contact us today to find out more.